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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do hearing aids cost?

Hear@Home has contracts with each of the world’s top
manufacturers, allowing our patients wholesale pricing
for the best technology available in the industry.
Depending on the patient’s level of hearing and loss and word
discrimination, a pair of hearing aids can range from $1,200
to $2,990. Amplifiers, comparable to the “hearing aids” on TV,
are normally around $690 for the pair.

How long do hearing aids normally last?

If hearing aids are properly cared for and maintained, they
should last between 5-7 years, or more. Today’s hearing aids are durable; typically, the need to invest in new hearing aids is more about a change in the patient’s hearing than a mechanical malfunction.

Is there a return/refund option if I can’t get used to my hearing aids?

Yes. Any pair of hearing aids sold by Hear@Home carries a guaranteed 30-day option to return the hearing aids 
for a full refund.

Can you reprogram the hearing aids if my hearing changes?

Yes. In fact, we recommend an annual hearing exam, to catch in unusually sharp changes in a patient’s hearing and to adjust their hearing aids to accommodate any slight fluctuations in their hearing levels.


Are hearing aids waterproof?

No, but they are significantly water resistant (much like a cell phone). Short of complete submersion in liquid, they can be easily dried out and returned to working order.


Do the hearing aids come with a warranty?

Yes, normally a 3-year warranty against any mechanical issues. Most also come with a 2-year “Lost & Damaged” insurance policy, that allows for replacement of hearing aids after a small deductible.


Can I take phone calls through my hearing aids (Bluetooth)?

Yes. Many digital hearing aids can stream audio directly from Iphones, TV and other wireless devices.


Can I adjust my hearing aids?

Yes. Most hearing aids connect to Smart Phones via apps on the phones. Using the app, you can change volume, programs, directionality and even use GPS to locate lost hearing aids.

What can I expect from my in-home visit?

Following a thorough discussion of the patient’s health history and current hearing issues, each patient will receive a comprehensive hearing examination and a clear, concise explanation of the test results. Should the test reveal a clinically significant hearing loss, we will provide several options to best treat that hearing impairment.


​What does the service Include?

Hear@Home is a full-service, in-home hearing health company, offering comprehensive hearing exams and treatment options for hearing loss; professional programming and fitting of digital hearing aids; service of existing hearing devices; evaluation of in-home hearing environments, and recommendations for changes to enhance the patient’s hearing at home.


Do you take insurance?

Most work-site/group health insurance plans do not have provisions for hearing aid coverage. Medicare, alone, does not have any hearing aid provisions. However, many senior healthcare plans (Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans) do offer significant discounts for hearing aids purchased within a prescribed network of providers. We will advise each patient of their options to take advantage of these discounts when purchasing hearing aids.


What precautions are you taking due to Covid 19?

Prior to the outbreak of Covid-19 in the United States, hearing aid providers were already following strict medical guidelines for sterile work environments. Hear@Home follows these guidelines, in addition to new directives from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention intended to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus through personal contact with patients.


Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes. Given that most insurance plans do not provide for hearing aid benefits, Hear@Home offers its patients the option of splitting the total investment in any hearing aids into three equal payments over a 3-month period for the date of fitting. A 10% fee is added to the total sales price.


Is there an obligation if I get the free hearing exam?

No. Each patient will receive a comprehensive hearing exam and evaluation for no cost, and with no obligation to purchase hearing aids. A copy of the audiogram can be emailed to the patient or directly to their physician upon request.


How long is the process before I get my new hearing aids?

In most cases, if the patient presents a clinically significant hearing loss during an initial hearing exam, they can be fitted with appropriate hearing aids during that initial visit. If they require custom canal hearing aids, the appropriate molds will be taken and sent off that day for production of their hearing aids.


What geography do you cover for in-home testing?

Hear@Home is a mobile, in-home hearing healthcare company, and currently covers the entire state of South Carolina.


Do you have a brick and mortar option?

No. Hear@Home was created due, in part, to the breakdown of the traditional clinic model, where patients (and their children/caregivers) were required to travel and spend valuable time in an office filled with other patients, many of whom may have other health issues. Our services are an email or phone call away, coming to your residence, offering patients the individual attention and focus from their hearing healthcare specialist they deserve.

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