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We bring our services to you!

  • Unlike competitors, Hear@Home’s mobile clinics can test and adjust your hearing aids in your own home, taking into account the unique acoustic challenges in your living environment.

  • In addition to offering hearing tests in the home, we can assess and recommend changes in the home’s configuration and acoustics
    (i.e. moving furniture, adding sound bars to TVs, etc.) to maximize your hearing ability where you spend the majority of your time.

  • By coming to you, Hear@Home eliminates the need for older patients with mobility challenges or lack of transportation to travel for testing, fitting or service on their hearing aids.

Hearing loss: The facts

  • 48 million American adults experience hearing loss.

  • Age is the greatest predictor of hearing loss.

  • On average, people wait 7 years to seek treatment.

  • Men are almost twice as likely as women to experience hearing loss.

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